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Converting Contacts into Contracts


In early 2010, PWC reported 94% of 700+ surveyed businesses had a formal business plan marking exponential growth in sales and profit. And, given that only 11 months earlier in April 2009, only 60% of businesses had a business plan, one could say quite confidently that people began pulling out all stops to be better prepared for growth or volatility. As 2013 unfolds with speed, it seems that these changes need to be a constant way of the future of business and opportunity. 

But what often is lacking is that some business plans often don’t include a strategic networking plan which ultimately is a conduit for continued growth to their businesses, profile and profit. Quite frankly most professionals don’t see it as an imperative at that time, focusing on the financials, thinking networking is something that happens primarily to “keep up appearances” and to see what others are doing. Therein lies the first mistake.

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Posted by Ricky Nowak on 25th March, 2014 |

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