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Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time

Culture trumps strategy every time. And there’s no doubt that a healthy culture creates healthy profits and results. Yet some companies get their priorities wrong by primarily investing heavily in getting their strategy right before getting their culture right. The consequence of this is likely to be poor execution and implementation of their strategy, and another round of staff moaning “here we go again…”.

Heard that before?

By flipping your thinking and focusing on healthy culture first look at the upside.
  1. People are happier and mentally stimulated (everyone benefits)
  2. Staff go over and above the discretional effort of ‘having to’ just do their role (now that would make a nice change)
  3. People are challenged and rewarded accordingly (that’s a good reason to go to work)
  4. Staff want to stay with the organisation and contribute to its success (that’s right.. no more recruitment fees or long, costly onboarding processes)
  5. Customers like doing business with you as they see your company cares (sounds like everyone profits to me)
  6. Jobs get done (yes, even when “it is not my job”) now
  7. When change is required, new systems and processes are implemented, staff understand the context, the how, the what and the when and will know how their work relates to the strategy clearly, culture trumping strategy (AHH, nice!)
So if you are still trying to get your strategy in place and hope culture will take care of itself, flip your thinking and rethink your people first… and watch the magic, then the profits.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 8th April, 2013 |

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