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Customer Experience versus Customer Service

Bernard Salt hit the nail on the head with his reference to smashed avocado for other reasons than it being a prohibitor of affordable housing.

It also can quite clearly define that lifestyle choices are more important than our capacity to pay for them. 
Customer experience seems to be all that matters. Irrespective of taste at times too.

You see people value the experience of being/sitting/watching/tasting/doing things more than they value what they may pay for the product- meaning price becomes secondary.

Don’t believe me?

Just watch how many people take selfies of themselves in front of the most amazing array of food, or taking pictures of themselves dancing at nightclubs or walking on the beach in front of gorgeous sunsets. The cost of getting to those destinations become secondary while the visuals remain strong and the experience is engaging.

The same goes for creating visual actualization for a prospect or new customer. People want to “see” what things will look like or ‘be like’ so they can envision happiness or success or freedom. By creating awesome experiences that people can talk about, share and refer to long after an event or product has been used, the chances of repeat business increases dramatically.
Experiences are about stimulating emotions, creating unexpected surprises and delights and making them distinct now and in the future.

So if your service is doing just what it should and not what it could then your time is ticking away.

If your service is merely providing a service your customers will be hitting the ‘obsolete’ button in their head before they hit the delete button on their contact list.

Chose the right buttons to press.
Don’t give customer service give customer experiences. Let us help you do so by doing our Customer Experience Program, call 0419 839 994 to discuss your needs in this area.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 27th July, 2017 |
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