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Five BIG Ideas - Edition 3

Stay in tune with your people’s mental and physical resilience levels. Where possible adjust workloads in the short term to release tension till things normalize.

Ask staff to be more in tune with their colleagues state of mental and physical health so they can pick up on potential productivity delays or errors due to lack of concentration or distraction.

When commencing a meeting, identify the ‘mood’ of the meeting and people and call it. Do the same at the end and see what’s changed.

Do your homework before your mouthwork. Prepare what’s relevant and of high priority and need to the audience. Forget the rest… as they will, too!

Use Google Alerts to see where you, your clients, your areas of interest or specialty pop up on Google – great to keep you up to date if you are following a client, prospect, or your own business.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 27th September, 2015 |

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