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Five BIG Ideas - Edition 4


Take time to have time to walk the floor with your customers and staff. Make it a discipline.


 Meetings must have a purpose and this purpose must be made clear before people attend. Give them a reason to want to be there, not just turn up.


ask everyone to become the CFO for a day and identify one area of the business that they could potentially build opportunities or cost saving.


Design your presentation under three headings:
1 - What you must say.
2 - What you should say.
3 - What you could say (if you have time).
This helps you stay on track and on time.


 Have you ever had a PDF version of a document but not the original editable one? You can pay Adobe to convert it, or you can open the document in Word 2013 and it should converted nearly perfectly.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 5th October, 2015 |

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