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Five BIG Ideas - Edition 5


Discuss expectations openly and take the guess work or hard work off the table by planning rather than recovering.

Motivate people to “champion a change” within a safe to fail framework to operate in.

Commence a meeting with a round table contribution of “What was the most surprising thing you learnt or did this week” or “What did you learn this week about someone or something that you did not know before”.

See your presentation a little like a trailer for a movie… Don’t give everything away in one sitting as people will only remember between 10 -20% it. Elaborate on key points by contextualizing them back to the work people do.

Have you ever had a PDF version of a document but not the original editable one? You can pay Adobe to convert it, or you can open the document in Word 2013 and it should converted nearly perfectly.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 1st December, 2015 |

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