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Five BIG Ideas - Edition 6


Give honest answers in a timely, empathic and forward moving way. Ask for honest questions in return.


Ask staff to review existing Meeting Agenda template and suggest improvements to it. CLICK HERE for a great example.


Encourage people to experience what it is like in someone else’s role by spending a few hours every week for a month or so. By having an outside ‘set of eyes’ internal problems can often be solved.


Don’t set up questions for the end of your presentation. At every key point either ask rhetorical questions or pause for 2-3 SHORT questions specific to that one point ie “From what I have covered in relation to XXX, what is still on your mind?”


Instead of retyping addresses into your Address book simply drag email from new contact into the address icon and it will automatically update your address book.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 8th December, 2015 |

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