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Five BIG Ideas - Edition 7


By asking your staff these questions you can keep your finger on the pulse as things change pace.
1. What do we need to keep doing but do it better?
2. What has become obsolete and we should let go of?
3. What is one thing we can do that will make a big difference in:
a) Staff Meetings
b) Client Meetings
c) Stakeholder Engagement communication


Some great software companies have developed a mood app on the door or each meeting room. People tap the mood that represents how they feel when they walk in and then tap again when they walk out! If their mood has not been enhanced in some way, they revisit how the meeting was conducted and determine what could was needed to ‘shift’ people in the direction needed. Using this as a metaphor for your meetings, ask your people what their mood is before and after a meeting and what has changed for them.


Invite people to become ‘culture champions’ within their teams or departments. Provide them with support and autonomy to build teams that best represents their energy and collective skills. Showcase them more broadly across the organisation.


If need to submit a bio or intro somewhere remember your Bio is not your Intro and your Intro is not your Bio.
Keep them both short.
Keep the audience interested.
Your bio puts you first using your credentials
Your Intro puts the audience first by linking them to the topic and showing how it is relevant to them.


Whilst presenting a PowerPoint show, pressing the B key turns the screen black allowing the audience to focus on you and not your slides. Pressing B again returns you to your current slide.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 13th January, 2016 |

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