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Five BIG Ideas - Edition 8


 Friction in communication is often experienced when there is lack of regular communication.

 By planning more frequent touchpoints with people it is harder to have a high level of friction due to regular clarification and updates – eliminating likelihood of misunderstandings or different expectations.


Hold meetings in creative and inspirational spaces. Avoid using the same spaces at the same time and where people are sitting in the same place.

Consider visiting other sites to hold meetings such as working hubs that are being set up around town. Experience the energy that comes with broader insights. 


There is an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Ask yourself what it would take to create a village, and if your people can create what the organisation needs. Then ask them.


I have mentioned previously keeping your bio and intro brief and different.
Here’s how: Your Bio needs to include highlights of your career and life only your intro needs to be short, concise and must have people curious/smiling/alert/focussed so they lean in to what the MC or introducer is saying about you.

Commence by posing three rhetorical questions and provide a positive or negative about how the audience may be feeling in relation to those questions.

Next, give two credential lines that positions you as the expert/authority on the topic and something that the audience can understand that because you have achieved/done/working on a project etc has also equipped you to do something in your personal life they may relate to.
Link that to why you are presenting on the topic of the day and then include “please join me in welcoming (insert your name) who will (insert what your outcome will be). 


To activate a PowerPoint slide show from the beginning, press F5 on your PC keyboard.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 29th January, 2016 |

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