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How to Commercialise Your Conversations

We live and work in a Connection Economy – one that is driven by rewards, recognition and relationships. It means we must care for our relationships with as much respect as we have for our financials. 

Yet despite knowing it is a commercial imperative to connect quickly to consumers it seems many people are experts at leaving money on the table many times over because they don’t read the buying signals or fail to listen. In other words sometimes our meetings end up as expensive coffee instalments where business fails to get written.

Sound familiar?

So if closing the deal earlier and with greater results is important for you, follow these three steps:
  1. Listen for understanding of what the ‘pain’ of your client is.
  2. Don’t try and solve problems immediately but rather show vision of what a ‘better vision’ or outcome would be.
  3. Ask greater questions that illicit more information so you stay close, relevant and responsive.
Connecting with your customer begins with better understanding their current state so do your homework before your mouth-work.

Stop looking for more customers and focus on the ones you have but make sure you read their signals earlier and by following the Rule of R.
  • Respond to their most immediate need without upselling more.
  • Reiterate what that need is and identify what they will benefit from.
  • Reflect on their experience and keep them top of mind and top of heart so you can connect knowing your relationship is a trusted one.
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  • stay relevant, real and responsive.
  • connect more effectively to decision makers and high level prospects.
  • close conversations with a commercial outcome sooner and with greater results.
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