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How to Slay the Public Speaking Dragon interview with Nic Martyr

No longer is public speaking for heroes only who can fire-up workplaces and deliver burning messages. Public speaking is everyone’s responsibility, but if Public Speaking isn’t  your thing, it’s time to get prepared to fight fire with fire. Do this by being brilliantly prepared and ding your homework before your mouthwork; Making your weapon of choice your attitude; Protecting yourself from the stench of other’s hot air; Surrounding yourself with smart people; and stepping into the footprint of those bigger than yourself. While dragons may have their impact in mythology, your impact will be determined by your ability to be real, relevant and resilient when speaking publicly.

Explore this further listen to my interview with Nic Martyr - Broadcast Journalist, Commentator/Announcer and Freelance Camera Operator @nicmartyr

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 12th May, 2017 |
Categories: Presentation
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