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If we are so rich and smart, why aren't we happy?

Globally there are about 300 million people who suffer depression with suicide rates killing almost double the amount of people as road accidents. We know that with education, care and awareness raising there is every chance these figures will reduce as people become better equipped to identify and manage symptoms in themselves and others.

However despite being smarter and richer than we have ever been before the question is why are we less happy than we were in yesteryear? Why doesn’t our happiness last? Why do we lose the chance to focus on what we already have? Are we just so accustomed to the next new thing that we don’t celebrate or bask in the moment long enough and feel inadequate compared to others? What would it take for us to once again take notice of our blessings and be grateful for today and where possible turn depression from ‘always wanting more’ to appreciation for ‘just being’.


Posted by Ricky Nowak on 11th October, 2017 |
Categories: Perspective
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