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Appreciate HR Directors Kate McCormack Mercy Health, Tim Guille Catch Group, Sue Black Sodexo Group, and Christine Connor for sharing their insights into top leadership practices at the HR Summit Melbourne today and making it a privilege for me to moderate the discussion.

  1. Gather your data early and often
  2. Get friendly with the figures so you can be included in conversations and decisions about finance 
  3. Be authentic and bring your whole self to work – trust yourself more
  4. Be tenacious while being sensitive to needs helping you pick your battles
  5. Disrupt but don’t disappear from the floor
  6. Be excited about new technologies and keep up with your own learning too
  7. Make decisions fast. If they are wrong don’t be afraid to fail but fail forward and fast.

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Posted by Ricky Nowak on 1st August, 2018 |
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