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Make Your Presentations Memorable

Great leaders set the scene, mood, feeling and ultimately the impact and results. They provide a compelling story about what is happening in and around the organisation and their people, so that staff know exactly when and how to deal with change. To do this, they must have memorable presentations and storytelling skills.

As a leader, you need to enhance these skills by focusing on five things: Energy, Listening, Empathy, Anticipation, and Humour. Know your audience and gauge how energetic you need to be to hold their attention and insert humour where and when appropriate. However, humour is more about uncovering the ‘funny’ or the ‘unexpected’ rather than jokes or funny stories that are someone else’s.

Here are other ways to make your stories come alive: Listen when someone comments on your presentation and confirm their thoughts through paraphrasing, and ask them what part of your story was memorable or compelling. Avoid the temptation of telling them what you thought was great – hear it from them so you know the parts that work and what may need work.  Show them that you want to understand where they're coming from so you can continually improve making the connections between them and your message. By anticipate their needs and adding relatable anecdotes and stories you will be able to build rapport and credibility.

Great presentations are no accident. They need work, practice, work, practice and work again. The art of a good story teller is someone who makes the story easy to see in their minds, to remember in their hearts and to tell in their way to others. 

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