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Melt or Meld...What do you do as a leader?

While never being particularly good at math I worked out pretty quickly that the odds seemed stacked against The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) when I Iearnt they only had about 800 staff to respond to the needs of 45,000 people who experienced some form of road trauma.

I admit I had wondered how so few people do more than manage their job, continually drive business and job performance and do a great job while looking after so many people who are experiencing challenging and emotional times.

Then I met and spoke with their CEO Joe Calafiore and I knew why.

You see, every so often a leader like Joe steps into a role that seems like ‘he was born to do’ and brings people with him.

I asked him what his people respond best to when they need to continually perform at a superior level and his answer was quite simple  “We don’t melt our people – We value Life. It is one of our core values internally and externally. We have a well functioning business and work hard to allow our people to be their best and give their best.”

Simple words and simple to remember. Clearly effective.

Yet, clearly for some companies it is hard to do – despite having more resources.

Perhaps the answer Joe has provided has more to do with connecting people with a higher cause than connecting higher volumes of people without a reason or purpose.

What do you do as a leader – Melt or Meld?

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 10th August, 2016 |

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