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My Boss is a Bitch and so are the bystanders

Workplace Australia describes bullying as behaviours that deliberately embarrass, intimidate or offends others and costs the Australian economy up to $36 billion p.a. averaging between a cool $17,000 - $24,000 per case if it goes legal.

But the true cost is in permanent psychological stress, fear, anger, and loss of self esteem –all before poor productivity, performance and absenteeism is considered.

Yet when bullying behaviour is exhibited by a woman it can be deemed as methodical and calculated leaving others immobilized for fear of retribution. Bystanders then also become culpable.

Familiar examples like keeping woman with families at work later than necessary, deliberately withholding information, creating unrealistic workloads will give female bullies the ability to demonstrate passive control that may go unnoticed or happen behind closed doors. If the behaviour becomes overt, it’s often deemed as acceptable by other female employees.

Regardless in gender neutral workplaces a bitch can go all ways, right?

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 27th June, 2017 |
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