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Premature exasperation and the brutal art of interjection

Do you cut people off in conversation?

While we may not like to ‘fess’ up, it’s happened to almost everyone – and we’ve either been the victim or the perpetrator. Yes, most people have suffered from premature exasperation and have jumped all over someone in a conversation, leaving both parties frustrated, angry and/or hurt.

One way to control your impulses to interrupt the flow of conversation is to learn how to stop speaking before others stop listening. We have a choice in how to connect and respond, but often forget it’s not just our choice that matters – what matters is the response we want and how flexible we can be in order to get what we need.

So how do you change the brutal art of interjection to the significant art of communication?

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 1st May, 2017 |
Categories: Communication
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