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Serena RU OK?

When the mighty fall, they fall hard and Serena Williams’ meltdown on court at the US Open certainly hit rock bottom yesterday.

Yet looking beyond her aggressive body and verbal language and irrelevant rants about sexism and women’s rights, were we really witnessing  her vulnerability as a human being under inconceivable mental stress?  

What happened in the lead up to the game that may contributed to her behaviour? Is she as strong as we think she is or the long periods of stress and pressure taking their toll? While we cannot stand by and let this incident cast her as a bully we also have to ensure that we cannot accept pressure being an excuse for bullying.

Serena, R U OK or do you need some help?

Maybe we need to reach out more to those we believe are more resilient than we think?

Learn how to reach out

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 14th September, 2018 |
Categories: Leadership
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