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Small Things Big Difference

If you don’t think small margins can make that much of a difference just ask the athlete who is .01 sec. off winning the 100 mitre sprint, the drink driver who is .1 over the limit, the gambler who risked everything on black not red, or the jockey who weighed in at 30 grams over weight.

The smallest of differences can mean the difference between life and death, winning or losing or good to great. 

Yet in everyday scenarios when there’s no skin in the game it’s easy to be mediocre and let things slide – like getting back to people who want to see you, checking in with someone who is unwell or lost their job. After all, there is always tomorrow right? Well not always, and not always for everyone.

By raising our consciousness by the smallest of margins about how our colleagues, friends and family are travelling on any given day we can be the difference they need to keep them safe and acknowledged.

What is the smallest thing you can do that can make the biggest difference in the lives of others?

When you know what it is, do it.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 13th July, 2018 |

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