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Smart boards and teams embrace gender diversity

Too often in business we hear words that have been bred on BORED thinking. Well, we’re bored to snores by well-worn motherhood statements and an archaic boys’ club culture that’s well past its amuse by date. Directors who fail to engage in diversity are now considered obsolete, myopic, irresponsible and largely commercially unsound. Not a good look for a company or Board that wants to be highly regarded and recognised for providing a high return to shareholders. Not good at all. Smart Boards though, proactively engage the hearts and minds of members who can best serve the diverse roles their companies require. They encapsulate diversity including gender, disability, age and culture. Ask yourself if your Board is in or out when it comes to diversity. Well, is it?

Then ask yourself if what you are doing to contribute and make the Board or your Team more inclusive is working. If not, stretch your goal and your girt around what you believe in.

Posted by RIcky Nowak on 24th September, 2018 |
Categories: Diversity & Generations
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