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Stop blaming millennials for your dysfunctional workplace

The Government’s Intergenerational Report tells us in the future we’ll need to work for much longer and more productively. But with contributing factors from technology based workplaces to aging work f orces, we’re facing the new dilemma of a dysfunctional workplace and we’re blaming the new kids on the block – the millennials. We’ve moved on from blaming Gen Y and X so it’s logical that  generation myopia carries on!   

Yet despite millennials being more equipped to handle technology, change, flexibility and agility than any other generation, they’re copping the flack for being disloyal and impatient. But don’t forget other generations did the exact same thing. Truth is this is the first time in history we have a generation gap of 50 years in the workplace with each generation bringing its own dysfunction and functionalities. 

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Posted by Ricky Nowak on 21st June, 2017 |
Categories: Workplace
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