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The inconvenience of no more supermarket plastics!

By removing plastic bags at supermarkets, we’ve uncovered a curious side of human nature; the side that doesn’t like change or paying for anything that was once free. Our behavioural patterns have been challenged as we go from free to fee and pay for carrier bags or wake up and bring in our own bags that usually lie dormant on the floor of our cars. What is even more curious is that some people who require additional bags on the spot are returning to ask for a refund after they’ve unloaded their shopping into their car! True! Just ask the checkout staff who are forced to respond to cool or hot resentment at the checkout, huffing and puffing about the inconvenience of it all. Will this lead to a reduction in purchases in response to being forced to buy an additional bag for 15 cents? People don’t like paying for something they once got for free. When will we wake up to the fact that this is about the environment and not us? What can businesses do to further educate the public of the end goal and in doing so, help change our patterns of behaviour and embrace change.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 5th July, 2018 |
Categories: Change
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