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Three outages and you’re out!

Australians used to be reasonably happy with a ‘sorry’ when it came to a customer service problem.  No one expected much more, but things have changed and none more so than in the world of digital dependency.  The rules of customer service are almost out of date before they are written, people now want “waddyagonnadoboutit?” as soon as a problem is detected.  Customers now want something as compensation and they want to be informed. These are the new rules of business. Given Telstra’s trifectas of outages, it’s not surprising that people are more than a little ‘peeved’ when no compensation has been offered. Yes, sorry is the first part of responsibility but if a major player doesn’t do what’s deemed to be fair, are we going to give them another chance or it is “three outages and they’re out?” And what should most businesses do when things turn pear shaped?

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 27th May, 2018 |
Categories: Customer Service
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