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Vision Without Action Just Passes The Time

We may not run the country nor be political heavyweights. We may not make decisions which impact the world, but passionate visionaries striving for better outcomes do share some similarities with those who dare to dream big, think large and visualise sustainable positive change. Like you and me.

But striving alone will not make the difference in the long run, despite profound words of wisdom, passion and commitment.What makes the difference are those who commit to action and not just pass through.

We know for a fact that people like JFK,Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela didn't pass through time and create history by just speaking. Nor do I hear Steve Wozniak, Ban ki Moon, nor David Attenborough waste their time and efforts by words alone.

The difference they make is not just having a picture of what they want and want to do, but in what building a tribe of followers  who are guided in how to implement a plan. They are committed to action.

A leader must be able to be creative enough to see the vision...
Be innovative enough to work out how to make it work...
And entrepreneurial enough to sell it!

After all, vision without action just passes time.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 16th August, 2013 |

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