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What is Audacious Leadership?

What's better than being a good leader? The answer: being an Audacious Leader.

The difference is that while good leaders work alongside their people and let them know why they and the work that they do are valuable, Audacious Leaders imbue a mindset that allows a shift in existing patterns of behaviour, and breathes life into more productive habits with greater energy and heart. Audacious Leaders are profoundly transparent, truthful, and unafraid to say that they are wrong or that they don't know the answer. 

In this day and age, technological advances are moving at a fast pace and the business industry is demanding more than ever for companies to improve time management, deliver quality output efficiently, and establish better goals. This means that leaders, need to seize any chance to develop themselves and their team.

Australian companies spend millions of dollars and hours every year in this pursuit. However, there is still a discrepancy on best practices and techniques, which may be partly due to a resistance from those unwilling to address growth opportunities for themselves and those that don’t know how.

Because many people look for quick fixes to leadership issues and are unwilling to step outside traditional styles of leading, they are greatly influenced by what works for others, thinking that following exactly the steps of those who achieved success will work for them as well. However, leadership is not so cut and dried; it is not one-dimensional. Leadership evolves, responds, and adapts; therefore, so must we all.

The intent of leading is not fanciful, but purposeful; so Audacious Leaders are open to getting the best results through honest collaboration and compromise. To do this, they exercise humility to allow communal success and network growth. 

Audacious Leaders can work through criticism, complacency, and internal or external influences — and come out wiser and more compassionate. This is demonstrated through negotiation, communication, and other skills in different contexts. By being hhis kind of leader who goes the extra mile not only are the rewards but so is the journey.

Having conviction and the courage to take a stand, while demonstrating compassion along the way — that is Audacious Leadership. Of course, there are those who may be happy with settling as a good leader and that’s ultimately up to them, but they may miss the fact that being audacious is what makes good leaders great.

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Posted by Ricky Nowak on 1st February, 2018 |
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