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What the Theatre Taught Me about the Workplace

The impact theatre can have on an audience is immediate and enduring. Sound, set, design, costumes and environment gives context and place. The acts follow – some predicable, some not and the end often comes when we least expect it. Similar principles apply in the workplace where the environment sets the tone, mood and feeling well before a word has been uttered or a demand made. The capacity to shape an outcome rests with each person despite what is said but more often than not because of how we engage. Yet if leaders put on the mantle of a theatre producer/ director, script writer, set or costume designer and created a better all-round experience rather than a series of disconnected explanations my bet is that people would communicate and connect long after the lights are turned off in the meeting or ‘bored’ rooms… Yes, bored rooms…

So if communication is everyone’s responsibility it means that everyone has to play an active role in engaging and directing and not stop hoping or whinging about the way it was or should be. While we may not be able to play out all endings ahead of time at least we can do our best to write the script more carefully, edit out what doesn’t or hasn’t worked and write in a better version of our meetings and outcomes.


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Posted by Ricky Nowak on 15th May, 2017 |
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