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When leadership behaviours go wrong

When something goes wrong once it can be an accident.

When something goes wrong twice it can be deemed a coincidence.

However when things repeat over and over again it’s clearly habit – only disrupted when ‘enough is enough’.

And when it comes to violations in leadership behaviour it’s often more a case of bad habits built over time that is given permission to seep into the culture of a company.

So ask yourself this: next time when you notice someone behaving in an unacceptable way yet do nothing more than tut tut or roll your eyes ask yourself if you’re enabling them to continue their bad habit or are you prepared to disrupt it and call the behaviour out loud so it loses it power. Make sure you and others recognise when they err once, stand up if it’s a coincidence, or be prepared to be stamped out if it’s a habit.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 15th July, 2017 |
Categories: Leadership
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