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Why First Time Managers Fail

Leo D'Angelo Fisher, BRW article June 1st 2103 "Why First-time Managers Fail” is a wake-up call for organisations who shift their priority after recruitment to rationalisation when the budget belt is tightened. Rather than improve efficiencies and reduce inventory the new manager is set up to fail by an archaic view that suggests ‘Training Costs’ rather than ‘Training Solves’ mentality.

What is needed most is savvy decision makers who do not have a myopic or limited view of an initial investment but rather see commercial benefits, and happy and engaged employees who by virtue of their engagement give back far more than they take. We do have an obligation to stand up for the emerging leaders and give them the skills they need for today and tomorrow…for they will be the future employers of our children.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 13th June, 2013 |

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