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Why Leaders Cry with their Coach

Because they can let go...

Because it's ok...

Because its free from judgement but not direction.

And largely because keeping brave face every day is hard and sometimes, yes sometimes, one needs a safe place to let the tension around continual expectation go.


Experienced executive coaches know how to unpack issues, carefully, responsibly, little by little and then help leaders find their way back.


But it hasn't always been like this.


Historically, when an executive needed to "talk" he/she went to their Boss, leaders went to their mates or other leaders, and staff talked over a beer or coffee to their friends. Was it successful? sometimes, but often not.


Perhaps this interest in coaching therefore has evolved naturally to provide another level of executive development, but I'm not convinced.  I think it has to do more with the fact that management and leadership courses these days don't typically spend enough time, or indeed any time on helping executives understand how to manage long and often uninterrupted periods of stress and the impact this stress has on them and their business.


Coaches are not counsellors nor psychologists and do not (and should not) try and work through the issues from a psychological point of view.


Coaches are outside thinking partners and external confidantes with whom a leader can be free of judgement. The biggest problem a coach often has is uncovering the self imposed roadblocks the leader places on himself.


So leaders cry in executive coaching sessions...

Because they can,

Because they let go,

And because I care.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 20th August, 2013 |

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