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Why no-one answers their iPhone anymore

Our iPhones buzz, bleep and ding 24/7 giving instant gratification with pics, people and possibilities! And our response to these alerts is automatic and immediate. But a strange thing happens when it actually rings. No one picks up. No one wants to talk. No one wants to listen. Obligatory voice messages are ignored. In fact, perhaps we could solve this problem by taking the phone out of “iPhone” and just call it an “iDevice”? Whatever happened to courtesy, follow up and people having a conversation in real time? Whatever happened to the good old’ days when people valued people more than they valued getting lost in their phones? If you want to know the answer, leave me a message and I’ll get back to you!

FInd out more, listen to receint interview on HitFM Perth 

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 21st June, 2018 |
Categories: Communication

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