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Will Double Trouble in Canberra be a Thing of the Past?

We have seen it all before. Hawke and Keating... Howard and Costello…Rudd and Gillard…and now…Abbott to Turnbull.  With any luck there won’t be any further trouble in Toyland……for a while at least one would hope!   But we know hope alone won’t help. It takes hard work and commitment.

Seems like the pollies though are now committed and holding firm to a new way of governing and communicating by aligning purposeful strategic business goals with far sighted and smart country goals.

Would you agree?

Even if you don’t, I suggest you watch this space as the new government has a new agenda that is called BLITZ – Bringing Leadership Into The Zone!

With the sound and costly lessons of the past seemingly being learnt, it’s now crunch time as the expectant public are waiting to experience a present state that promotes innovation, has an eye on the future and whose leadership is collaborative and connected.  And sure, while we may hear echoes of the past reverberating in some of the parliamentary corridors and in some of the puffed cheeks in office, I have a strong feeling we are finally “moving forward" as someone of note once pointed out not so long ago. Remember?

So if we are committed to doing just that, it will take more than a smart government to take us there. We need to be change ready and change prepared and both confident and competent to take our people and businesses with us.

We need to act and act fast. We need to be bright, bold or we will be gone. We need to be change ready and changed prepared or get out of the way as the “new consumer, employee or stakeholder” has little tolerance for mediocrity or sameness.

And we need to have a commercial focus and one that is enduring.

The focus of business requires Leaders to be:
  1. Incredibly innovative, future focused and unafraid to disrupt former patterns of behavior in favour of a more creative mindset.
  2. Able to empower staff to question, invite curiosity and open opportunities for a safe to fail experimentation of ideas and strategies.
  3. Happy to walk amongst the pigeons in real time in a real way and stop flapping their wings and their tongues and learn to stop speaking before others stop listening.

With these three conditions in mind, leaders will be in a better position to mitigate a coup or secret ballot behavior that keeps them in the dark or on gardening leave while things move on.. or before they are moved on!

So as you walk down the corridors of your Parliament, your business – listen to what is not being said with as much interest as what you are hearing.

Take time to have time to understand the defining moments that will create positive experiences and imprint the right corporate memory so that if and when things go wrong, it will be easier to get a standing ovation than a seat on the backbench.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 20th October, 2015 |

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