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Workplaces need to become 'generation neutral', experts say

As Australia's population ages, experts believe it's important for employers to engage collectively with workers from different generations in order to create more harmonious workplaces.

In many workplaces, the age differential between employees may range from a few years, to several decades.

Experts believe it's vital for employers to create generation neutral workplaces, and to highlight similarities, not differences, between different age groups. 

Ricky Nowak conducts training in what she calls the inter-generational workplace where there is sometimes a gap of fifty years between the youngest and oldest employees.

The executive coach and leadership expert previously ran courses on how to manage workers from the Generation Y bracket (born in the 1980s and 90s) in the workplace. Read More

Posted by Greg Dyett, SBS News on 23rd August, 2016 |

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