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Development Plan

Development Plan
identify precise needs
developed tailored strategy
set specific criteria
select delivery modules
ongoing review & support
Construct a tailored program that gets the results you want. Timeframe created to suit your people leading to accountability Every minute adds value because each one is measured against specific goals. Flexible delivery means every situation and personality type is catered for. Learning is not lost. It's built on with consistent follow up.

Using a range of tools, Ricky pinpoints the developmental needs of each person. This can become part of a unique leadership development plan.

DISC Profiling is a personal assessment tool which measures how we behave and communicate. This helps people understand their own actions and behaviours and adapt them to bring better results. 

Workplace Motivators show us the values that influence others to act the way they do. By learning to recognise the value and motivator signals we are able to engage in a way that meets their value needs and still gets the job done. 

Workplace Performance Accelerator is a tool for assessing and establishing engagement and teams. Focused at a team level, this tool brings results that you can see immediately. 

360 Feedback enables people to see how their contributions are perceived by their team mates, managers and even customers. Unlike Performance Reviews, this tool helps identify strengths and weakness and design a development plan.

Each tool focuses on the individual. When you build strong individuals who take ownership of their leadership development plan you build strong teams and in turn, strong organisations.

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