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If we are so rich and smart, why aren't we happy?

Posted on 11th October, 2017 - Comments

Categories: Perspective

Globally there are about 300 million people who suffer depression with suicide rates killing almost double the amount of people as road accidents. We know that with education, care and awareness raising there is every chance these figures will reduce as people become better equipped to identify and manage symptoms in themselves and others.

However despite being smarter and richer than we have ever been before the question is why are were less happy than we were in yesteryear? Why doesn’t our happiness last? Why do we lose the chance to focus on what we already have? Are we just so accustomed to the next new thing that we don’t celebrate or bask in the moment long enough and feel inadequate compared to others? What would it take for us to once again take notice of our blessings and be grateful for today and where possible turn depression from ‘always wanting more’ to appreciation for ‘just being’.



The problem with yearly health check-ups

Posted on 11th October, 2017 - Comments

Categories: Staff


In any given year at least 20% of the population experiences some form of mental health issue from anxiety, depression, eating or sleeping disorder with some spending up to 45% of their life trying to manage it.

The annual Mental Health Week (8-14 October 2017) provides an opportunity to connect, reach out and get help.
We’re a long way from solving problems but thanks to public awareness we’re closer to giving people ‘permission’ to get help earlier and often.

We will only know we have truly succeeded when we stop talking about the stigma and talk about the successes.
The problem with yearly check-ups is that it is yearly not daily.

What can the leader’s role in this success look like?


Have your staff retired long before they have left?

Posted on 28th August, 2017 - Comments

Categories: Staff

Gallup has found that a whopping 17.2 p.c of Australia’s workforce is actively disengaged staying more for what they can get rather than for what they can give – such as salary, comfort, relationships. And while the cost of keeping someone who just stays in the role till they retire can cost their organisation $3,400 for every $10,00 of salary, its no wonder many workplaces feel like the air has been sucked out of them. With staff who have seemingly retired but still turn up to work each day, seems like it may be time to forgo the three religious principles of Faith, Hope and Charity and recognise that having faith staff will not make them more engaged, hope won’t make them active and being a charity is not a business proposition.

If your staff are staying in the job till they retire just to pass the time then consider the cost of their complacency on the bottom line. If you need them to engage, it’s time you need us to support you. Call us on 03 9821 0610.

Customer Experience versus Customer Service

Posted on 27th July, 2017 - Comments

Categories: Customer Service

Bernard Salt hit the nail on the head with his reference to smashed avocado for other reasons than it being a prohibitor of affordable housing.

It also can quite clearly define that lifestyle choices are more important than our capacity to pay for them.
Customer experience seems to be all that matters. Irrespective of taste at times too.

You see people value the experience of being/sitting/watching/tasting/doing things more than they value what they may pay for the product- meaning price becomes secondary.

Don’t believe me?

Just watch how many people take selfies of themselves in front of the most amazing array of food, or taking pictures of themselves dancing at nightclubs or walking on the beach in front of gorgeous sunsets. The cost of getting to those destinations become secondary while the visuals remain strong and the experience is engaging.

The same goes for creating visual actualization for a prospect or new customer. People want to “see” what things will look like or ‘be like’ so they can envision happiness or success or freedom. By creating awesome experiences that people can talk about, share and refer to long after an event or product has been used, the chances of repeat business increases dramatically.
Experiences are about stimulating emotions, creating unexpected surprises and delights and making them distinct now and in the future.

So if your service is doing just what it should and not what it could then your time is ticking away.

If your service is merely providing a service your customers will be hitting the ‘obsolete’ button in their head before they hit the delete button on their contact list.

Chose the right buttons to press.

Don’t give customer service give customer experiences. Let us help you do so by doing our Customer Experience Program, call 0419 839 994 to discuss your needs in this area.








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When leadership behaviours go wrong

Posted on 15th July, 2017 - Comments

Categories: Leadership

When something goes wrong once it can be an accident.

When something goes wrong twice it can be deemed a coincidence.

However when things repeat over and over again it’s clearly habit – only disrupted when ‘enough is enough’.

And when it comes to violations in leadership behaviour it’s often more a case of bad habits built over time that is given permission to seep into the culture of a company.

So ask yourself this: next time when you notice someone behaving in an unacceptable way yet do nothing more than tut tut or roll your eyes ask yourself if you’re enabling them to continue their bad habit or are you prepared to disrupt it and call the behaviour out loud so it loses it power. Make sure you and others recognise when they err once, stand up if it’s a coincidence, or be prepared to be stamped out if it’s a habit.


How this prank stank

Posted on 13th July, 2017 - Comments

Categories: Values

Two Macquarie executives have been found to have spiked a colleague’s food with Valium and laxatives in South America in 2011 in a malicious attempt to discredit him. Luckily he wasn’t hurt.

But this dangerous prank will now go on to create a stench for Macquarie with a lingering smell on the shoulders of the Bank executives who apparently were aware of what happened but did not take disciplinary action.

Isn’t it time the big boys and girls in business got behind the values they profess and act with integrity immediately and not wait to be found out? Isn’t that what you would expect if you were drugged?

Improve the Integrity of your leaders with ‘The Integrity Factor – Why reputation rules in business and leadership’ part of our leadership development workshop series and keynote presentations.


My Boss is a Bitch and so are the bystanders

Posted on 27th June, 2017 - Comments

Categories: Workplace













Workplace Australia describes bullying as behaviours that deliberately embarrass, intimidate or offends others and costs the Australian economy up to $36 billion p.a. averaging between a cool $17,000 - $24,000 per case if it goes legal.

But the true cost is in permanent psychological stress, fear, anger, and loss of self esteem –all before poor productivity, performance and absenteeism is considered.

Yet when bullying behaviour is exhibited by a woman it can be methodical and calculated leaving others immobilized for fear of retribution. Bystanders then also become culpable.

Familiar examples like keeping woman with families at work later than necessary, deliberately withholding information, creating unrealistic workloads will give female bullies the ability to demonstrate passive control that may go unnoticed or happen behind closed doors. If the behaviour becomes overt, it’s often deemed as acceptable by other female employees.

Regardless in gender neutral workplaces a bitch can go all ways, right?

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