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Do leaders need to coach or mentor?

Posted on 21st May, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Make Good People Great Leaders

Before anything else, it's vital for you to understand that while the terms "coaching" and "mentoring" are commonly interchanged, they're not the same thing. Yes, they have common elements, but their differences are profound. They require distinct skill sets and involve different expectations. 

Coaching is a process wherein new skills are developed. As a coach, you are the primary expert in facilitating learning and accomplishing goals. As a result, your protégés will be able to build skills, overcome problems, and manage tasks more efficiently. Not only that, they will also be able to apply adult learning principles and motivational techniques to achieve their objectives.

On the other hand, mentoring includes helping mentees think outside the box when faced with specific business challenges, including strategy and policy. You need to have a broad experience in various fields and share your knowledge at a practical level. A successful mentorship involves open communication to allow many opportunities for seeking and giving guidance in a respectful and productive way.

You as a leader need to be both mentor and coach. Learn how to open doors to career and personal growth with the help of leadership coach Ricky Nowak at your next conference or workshop.

The importance of authentic leadership

Posted on 7th May, 2018 - Comments


To be a great leader, you need to create a culture that encourages your team to think and work more efficiently. For this positive culture change to happen, you must be authentic in approaching them. This means responding to their points of discussion in a timely, respectful, and genuine manner.

There's no denying that authentic people are honourable people; and honourable leaders display the following key management characteristics: Honesty, Integrity, Reciprocity, Empathy, and Respect. Great leaders know how to present these qualities with different levels of intensity depending on the circumstance and people they relate to.

Communities, businesses, and people alike are all demanding greater transparency and authenticity from leaders; when there is a healthy amount of mutual respect and disclosure, reciprocity is second nature because everyone feels like their contributions are valued. 

Taking an authentic approach shows that you not only use your head, but your heart and hands as well. This makes it easier for people to trust your business and the products and/or services that you provide. 

Learn how to apply authentic leadership in different contexts and with different people from executive coach Ricky Nowak at your next conference or team meeting.

The purpose of empathy in good leadership

Posted on 30th April, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Leadership

If you want to be in a position where you get better results from your staff and stakeholders, then be a leader who is empathic and externally attuned. When people feel valued and trusted, they are also more likely to treat others the same way, no matter the situation they find themselves in.

You might be surprised to know that the most important quality that people look for in a leader is empathy. For leaders who are compassionate and show that there is no judgement when conversations take place, people will willingly reciprocate with solutions and honest responses. 

To be empathic means to tap into your internal attunement and show your team that you genuinely care about them as people. Be open about helping them manage their work as well as their relationship with suppliers, customers, and/or stakeholders. Let them know that your door is always open if they need to talk about any personal challenges that affect their work. 

Develop your empathy as a leader with the help of corporate trainer Ricky Nowak at your next conference/team meeting. You'll learn how to be intuitive about situations and people, as well as the emotions they may be experiencing.

Advisor or fraudster?

Posted on 26th April, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Values

With improper conduct being the culprit exposed at the Royal Commission on Banking, it’s little wonder people are fast and furiously losing trust in people with power or influence. Seems gone are the days when title means something and the word of the advisor was golden. 

What has led people to be above the law and live above their means at the expense of others?

Will trust be a value of the past?

Is it because doing the right thing no longer matters or are we arrogant enough to think improper conduct is just a game and we are willing to take the risk?

Yet, with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann stating that ‘doing the right thing does matter’, why haven’t people taken action earlier rather than wait for Inquiries?

The role of open communication in a business

Posted on 19th April, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Leadership, Communication


As a leader, you need to be able to provide innovative and resourceful solutions that stimu-late your team to think and work more efficiently. But more than that, you must be transpar-ent when communicating with people to create a powerful leadership culture that encourages richer contribution and deeper commitment.

The key management qualities that turn good people into great leaders include Trustworthi-ness, Depth, and Clarity. These building blocks lay the foundation that fosters genuine sup-port and loyalty in any organization, and they all contribute to creating a work environment with transparent communication

Taking an in-depth and open communication approach provides an avenue for reflection, re-search, accountability, and clarification because your team trusts you. However, remember that your words have to be clear and simple during discussions, so that everyone is on the same page about how their work fits into the overall big picture. Know what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to.

Learn how to properly demonstrate transparency in communication based on the intensity of the situation and the personality of the people you work, with from leadership development expert Ricky Nowak. Book her now to speak at your next conference or team meeting.

The power of a good business reputation

Posted on 18th April, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Communication, Leadership


Your business reputation is built on — good and bad — past performance and interactions with various stakeholders, but your viability and potential for growth all depends on your TRUSTMARK. If you honor what you say and do, your reputation will stand the test of time and you will get the recognition you deserve, so invest in it to ensure your credibility.

Distinguish yourself from your competitors and associate yourself with trust, openness, and authenticity by telling it how it is. Communicate; don't sugarcoat. You are your brand, so keep that in mind when forming relationships. People will remember how you make them feel more than what you say.

It's a fact that personal reputation is closely linked to business brand, so check yourself to see whether you pass the TRUST Test or not. A great leadership image is the foundation for a strong business rep; and these two working in favor of each other will help you easily convert contacts into long-term contracts.

Now is the time to build relationships that will, in turn, build your net worth. Consult with executive coach Ricky Nowak at your next conference or team meeting to explore your TRUSTMARK and reinforce your honourable reputation.

Does your process guarantee success?

Posted on 12th April, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Leadership

Leadership success is measured by two critical factors. First, connections and communication. Second, making change visible to relevant stakeholders. If people don’t know what you have achieved and the impact it has had, heavy lifting will be required every time you need something. Are you focusing on these critical factors? If not, why not?

Audacious Leadership – Leading with Care

Posted on 7th March, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Leadership


Being a leader also means carrying the responsibility to direct your followers to success. To relate, engage, and maintain good rapport with them requires a leader with audacity and the right amount of care.

Leading with care is being mindful of people’s needs. The ability to give encouragement and enhance confidence can create a positive working environment and state of mind. When one feels disregarded, it opens a door for negativity and spreads out like a virus. If you know how to lead with care, you develop a certain level of trustworthiness from your team or organization to speak out their mind, while making them feel valuable.

When leading, it is important to consider how influential one is. Being an effective role model to others outlines significance in building a contagious culture. Great leaders keep in mind that caring is not procedural; rather it is essential to be caring in order to discern effective techniques to reach your goals, and encourage others to be the best they can be.

Audacious leaders know how to commend. If one lead’s with care, it means they are responsive to others’ victories no matter how minute they are. While not all circumstances are triumphant, an audacious leader also should be sensitive—to be able to show humility, gratitude, and concern to those who need them straightaway. It opens opportunities to learn strengths and weaknesses. Establishing leadership with audacity and care will allow one to discover chances to be an impact to everyone around them.

You don’t always have to be in charge. You just need to know how to care for those in your charge. Learn more about Audacious Leadership and how to incorporate it into your business life from an energetic motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and executive coach Ricky Nowak. She will customize a presentation on this topic at your conferences and other events.

Audacious Leadership - Leading with Courage

Posted on 21st February, 2018 - Comments

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In these times of constant pressure and uncertainty, a confident form of leadership is vital to cultivate audacity in order to be effective. Like many, one can be easily tempted to give up or give in when situations get rough or frustrating. Times like these call for an audacious and confident leader to step in.

Courage develops authenticity as an effective leader. Showing stability in making distressing decisions create an atmosphere for everyone to be more comfortable and focused in finishing goals. It also allows one to practice authority to lead without others doubting their steps. Leaders who make others feel comfortable with audacity leads to an efficient and competent working environment.

Communication is also a major key to lead with courage. When a person is brave enough to respond to unpleasant situations such as making decisions they may not be very confident with, it is actually the perfect time where leadership skills can be honed. Leading with courage allows one to promote conviction, good practices, and dependable traits for a team or organisation to follow when they encounter the same situations. Using audacity to lead can lure them away from giving up and moving on without dealing challenges head-on.

An audacious leader also knows how to say “No.” Be courageous enough to reject ideologies that you know are not applicable to situations. This manner develops the “risk-taker” in a person while being keen on dealing with rough situations properly. Your authority, when partnered with courage necessitates respect from everyone. It releases energy to others, making them bold enough to speak their mind with respect to their influence.

While it is very important to portray audacity in becoming a successful leader, it also builds up personal character and refines one’s ability to control situations that need a leader the most.

Learn more about Audacious Leadership and how to incorporate it into your business life from an energetic motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and executive coach Ricky Nowak. She will customise a presentation on this topic at your conferences and other events.


Audacious Leaderhip - Leading with Conviction

Posted on 15th February, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Leadership

Leaders with conviction are incredibly valuable in our society, but why is it that they seem to be dwindling in number? Unfortunately, our brains are wired to be afraid of uncertainty and as uncertainty increases, we become anxious, we panic, and we falter in our beliefs. This part of our instinct for self-preservation is something that business leaders must overcome, because we live in a world where many important decisions have to be made on the spot, and with minimal information.

In business, things change and happen so quickly that there is always a great deal of uncertainty about what’s going to happen in the coming months, let alone the next year. This uncertainty takes up a lot of mental energy and makes people less effective at their jobs, so lead with conviction and create an environment of certainty and sense of security.

When a leader shows absolute faith that he or she has chosen the best course of action, others will unconsciously mirror this belief and state of emotion because it puts their minds at ease. They believe that they can relax, so they concentrate on what needs to be done, and they feel more secure—which makes them happier and more productive.

Leaders with conviction emanate positivity and confidence. They are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs and they do not back away when things get tough. However, do not mistake arrogance for confidence. Remember that you are not better than anyone else regardless of your position of authority.

It's no secret that people admire and follow strength. Sadly, many leaders mistake being domineering, controlling, and other harsh behavior for strength. But those that demonstrate again and again that they  can back their team up and can make tough choices will gain more respect and trust. Yes, it is hard to acknowledge that there are things beyond one’s control but then again who ever said leadership is easy?

As a leader, conviction is a trait that assures a team that their work matters and it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of success and improves  not just an  approach to solving issues but to learning how to evolve, adapt and make braver choices.

Learn more about Audacious Leadership and how to incorporate it into your business life from an energetic motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and executive coach Ricky Nowak. She will customize a presentation on this topic at your conferences and other events.

What is Audacious Leadership?

Posted on 1st February, 2018 - Comments

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What's better than being a good leader? The answer: being an Audacious Leader.

The difference is that while good leaders work alongside their people and let them know why they and the work that they do are valuable, Audacious Leaders imbue a mindset that allows a shift in existing patterns of behaviour, and breathes life into more productive habits with greater energy and heart. Audacious Leaders are profoundly transparent, truthful, and unafraid to say that they are wrong or that they don't know the answer.

In this day and age, technological advances are moving at a fast pace and the business industry is demanding more than ever for companies to improve time management, deliver quality output efficiently, and establish better goals. This means that leaders, need to seize any chance to develop themselves and their team.

Australian companies spend millions of dollars and hours every year in this pursuit. However, there is still a discrepancy on best practices and techniques, which may be partly due to a resistance from those unwilling to address growth opportunities for themselves and those that don’t know how.

Because many people look for quick fixes to leadership issues and are unwilling to step outside traditional styles of leading, they are greatly influenced by what works for others, thinking that following exactly the steps of those who achieved success will work for them as well. However, leadership is not so cut and dried; it is not one-dimensional. Leadership evolves, responds, and adapts; therefore, so must we all.

The intent of leading is not fanciful, but purposeful; so Audacious Leaders are open to getting the best results through honest collaboration and compromise. To do this, they exercise humility to allow communal success and network growth.

Audacious Leaders can work through criticism, complacency, and internal or external influences — and come out wiser and more compassionate. This is demonstrated through negotiation, communication, and other skills in different contexts. By being hhis kind of leader who goes the extra mile not only are the rewards but so is the journey.

Having conviction and the courage to take a stand, while demonstrating compassion along the way — that is Audacious Leadership. Of course, there are those who may be happy with settling as a good leader and that’s ultimately up to them, but they may miss the fact that being audacious is what makes good leaders great.

Learn more about Audacious Leadership and how to incorporate it into your business life from an energetic motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and executive coach Ricky Nowak. She will customise this presentation for your next conference, team development session or other event.

Small Business: Tips for starting a business in 2018

Posted on 23rd January, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Leadership, Conferences

Are you thinking of starting your own business in 2018? Maybe you are finally opening the dream cafe you’ve always wanted to run? Or perhaps you are a tradie starting out on your own? Ricky Nowak Leadership expert spoke to Trevor Long - Talking Lifestyle about tips for starting a business in 2018.

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Motivating you mind, inspiring your spirit

Posted on 22nd January, 2018 - Comments

Categories: Leadership




















This insightful gift of knowledge is a great start to the year and i know you will find some articles that resonate with you. I am delighted to have contributed to this eBook and you will find my article on page 105

This is the 2018 version of the SRI Motivating your Mind – Inspiring your Spirit eBook it has been compiled from the generosity of over 85 Australian, New Zealand, European, South African, Canadian, American, Asian and United Arab Emirates based authors, industry experts and business owners. The eBook was created for clients, customers and combined global readers to enjoy. Trusting that the stories, tips, insights and case studies can be of benefit to your success in business or enhance your personal education. Please feel free to share and comment what sticks most with you.

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