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Helping successful and aspiring leaders achieve positive change in leadership behaviour and business results

Leadership Seminars

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Leadership courses that inspire and drive long term change for the better

Are you and your team tired of facilitators who present the same old stuff, just packaged differently?

If it seems like years since attending leadership courses affected REAL, POSITIVE and SUSTAINABLE change in your organisation, engaging Ricky will restore your faith.

Ricky is known as 'The Communication Catalyst'  not just because her leadership courses are stimulating but because they develop skills which revolutionise the way your leaders are able to drive healthy organisational change.

Ricky has designed a range of options so that you can choose the seminar or course which best meets your organisational needs.

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To find out more about our Leadership Seminars and Training and how these can improve your conference, your people and their results.

Maximise the return on your training investment

Assessment tools like DISC profiling and Workplace Group Accelerator help you pinpoint the exact training required by each member of your team. No more wasting funds on training that "might be what they need..."

Leadership seminars : These seminars combine presentation and facilitation within the whole group or in smaller breakout groups. Covering topics such as Courageous Communication, Create an Engaged and Engaging Workplace and Persuasive Negotiation, the seminars are enjoyable and interactive.

Skills Training
Skills training can be delivered as short, stand-alone training sessions or as a complete series. Emerging leaders, middle managers or senior managers receive training which provides skills which will take them to the next level of leadership. 

Masterclass:  Perhaps an intensive, 2 hour presentation on specific topics is the kind of training your leaders need. A Masterclass focuses purely on your area of need. 

Formal presentations and Keynote Addresses Leadership seminars tailored for presentation to large groups. These presentations inspire the entire audience with the desire to improve their leadership performance. 

To discuss your need for a customised leadership seminar or presentation at your conference, contact us  for more information.

She helps individuals make concrete improvements, such as this Senior Trade Commissioner:

"I have learned a lot from the 3 day program you facilitated in Singapore. You will be pleased to know that I am actively putting my learning to practice... My difficult meeting went well. I got what I wanted!"

- Senior Trade Commissioner | Singapore Minister-Counsellor (Commercial) 
Sub-region Manager | Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei

Keynote and conference presentations include:

  • Women in Leadership & Business ©
  • How to Successfully Attract, Retain & Motivate Staff ©
  • Winning New Business through Networking ©
  • How to Influence & Persuade through High Impact Presentations ©
For a full list of topics or to discuss a customised seminar or presentation you would like to arrange, contact us for more information.

“Ricky has now worked with a number of our leaders and potential leaders as both a communication and presentation skills trainer and coach. Ricky is an inspiring, dynamic and fun presenter, instilling her passion for good communication to all the participants. All our staff have thoroughly enjoyed the interactive training sessions. The progress and improvements are immediate and Ricky takes the opportunity to encourage participants to step outside their comfort zones. I would thoroughly recommend this training as the benefits for the company are just as great as the benefit for the individuals.”
Anne Marie Mooney
Group General Manager
Ridley Corporation Limited
“Feedback from staff was excellent. The content was clear and very well delivered using a variety of learning techniques. Ricky was engaging, interactive, energetic and motivational. She was able to connect with staff and provide effective strategies to assist them in their day to day work.”
Chris Garratt
Manager Corporate Services & People Development
“Ricky is an energetic and highly skilled facilitator who will challenge the 'elephant' in the room. Ricky is an individual that enables a change of culture and to set the standards of how an organisation stands apart from competitors and connects with its community. With Ricky’s help we have made the commitment to lead with integrity whilst being responsive towards the growth of our people and business. Thank you.”
Jennifer Knight
Senior Human Resources Consultant
Marsh Advantage
“Ricky has a gift for putting her audience at ease with some of the most difficult challenges we face in the workplace around communication and management. Our participants have enjoyed the sessions with Ricky and have applied their learning’s enthusiastically as a result of the energy and non-nonsense approach Ricky shares with her audience.”
Libby Neesham
Human Resources Manager
APA Group
“Exactly what I wanted - hit the mark.”
Kris Webb
Clayton UTZ
“I want to let you know that as a result of your excellent presentation our staff has been able to implement effective strategies and skills when presenting to clients and get greater results. Your presentation was entertaining and educational.”
Valerie Collins
Division Manager
MacDonald-Johnston Engineering
“The feedback from participants has been excellent. Everyone found the discussion very valuable and your delivery captivating and interesting. As our organisation grows, we look forward to new and more intensive workshops led by you.”
Elane Zelcer
Executive Director
Women's Biotechnology Executive
“Excellent session - everyone really benefited from Ricky's style and rapport. They have been able to take practical techniques back into the workplace and implement them, which has enhanced their relationships with managers, co-workers and staff.”
Heather Campbell
Group General Manager
“Ricky's commitment to establishing a tailored programme was evidenced with careful planning, from pre-planning meetings to understanding her audience with pre-work questionnaires. Her engaging manner, along with a creative workshop environment facilitated strong participation and a positive learning environment."I recommend Ricky Nowak's services to any individuals or businesses seeking that winning edge.”
Cameron Eustice
EDS Australia Pty Ltd
“Ricky Nowak used modules, team interaction and role playing to demonstrate the importance of communication not just as a transaction, but also as a transformer of information.”
Meredith Taghi
Organisational Development Manager,
Human Resources
Medibank Private
“Ricky presented at our annual joint networking event with Women in Finance Vic Inc., the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Victorian Women Lawyers in February 2012. We have previously received feedback that our participants wanted more networking opportunities and this is why we chose Ricky for this event. The demand for Ricky's seminar 'Converting Contacts to Contracts' was so strong that we sold out a month before the event - which is a huge success for us. Presenting to a group of over 170 lawyers, accountants and women in the finance industry Ricky's high energy and informative presentation had the room warmed up within the first 30 seconds. Ricky worked through a self assessment workshop on our attendees approach to networking and our guests left with the skills and tools to enable them to make the most of their networking opportunities both at this event and in the future. Ricky is an entertaining, engaging and highly informative presenter. I would consider this event to be one of the most successful networking events we've held and we look forward to working with her again.”We have previously received feedback that our participants wanted more networking opportunities and this is why we chose Ricky for this event.”
Sandra Jacobs
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
“The learning outcomes from your session are significant and it is clear that every member of the team has now made a commitment to lasting change for the better.”
Julia Kaye
Horwath Chartered Accountants