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Assessment Tools

True growth and development comes from self-awareness and insight

Ricky uses a range of leadership development assessment tools to assess the needs of each person so that your leadership development  program produces exceptional leaders. Each of these tools will show your organisation how best they can support your leaders so they learn to be successful and effective.     

DISC Profiling is a personal assessment tool which measures how we behave and communicate.

This helps people understand their own actions and behaviours and adapt them to bring better results. 

By completing the DISC Profile we discover our preferred communication and decision making styles, how we behave within a team environment and under supervision, and we also learn our strengths and weaknesses.

How does DISC Profiling benefit the individual and the organisation?
  • Improves personal and team productivity
  • Builds solid teams based on mutual understanding and awareness
  • Improves customer service through better communication
  • Eases frustrations and interpersonal conflict
  • Enhances communication with team members and customers
  • Helps people cope better with change and conflict
  • Develops more effective managers, supervisors, leaders

Workplace Motivators show us the values that influence others to act the way they do.

By learning to recognise the value and motivator signals we are able to engage in a way that meets their value needs and still gets the job done.

How do Workplace Motivators benefit the individual and the organisation?
  • Helps smooth the change process within teams and organisations
  • Allows the right choice of motivator for each person
  • Fosters engagement with team processes
  • Builds on the individuals natural value system to boost job satisfaction
  • Reveals the source of individual conflict and offers solutions based on their values and motivators.
  • Allows the organisation to communicate effectively with the individual, boosting clarity of roles and goals.

Workgroup Performance Accelerator is a tool for assessing and establishing engagement and teams.

Focused at a team level, this tool brings results that you can see immediately.

How does Workgroup Performance Accelerator benefit the individual and the organisation?
  • Teaches people to streamline their work processes
  • Produces more productive teams
  • Reduces time wasted on non-essential work practices
  • Reduces workplace conflict
  • Fosters commitment to agreed goals
  • Helps teams focus on the goals and avoid distracting activities
  • Harnesses the combined energy of the team members to produce positive engagement
  • Brings an immediate return on your training investment

360 Feedback enables people to see how their contributions are perceived by their team mates, managers and even customers.

Unlike Performance Reviews, this tool helps identify strengths and weakness and design a development plan

How does 360 Feedback benefit the individual and the organisation?
  • Measures individual behaviours and competencies so they can be developed
  • Provides feedback on how others perceive an individual’s performance
  • Offers feedback from peers, supervisors and customers giving a 360 degree view of performance
  • Develops new behaviours which are a match for organisational expectations
  • Can help your organisation develop a base training plan for your leaders
  • Offers individual development plans tailored to suit strengths and weaknesses
  • Measures less quantifiable skills such as interpersonal and communication skills

Complimentary Consultation

Find out more about our Leadership Development Assessment Tools and how they can boost your organisational performance by creating stronger teams and leaders. 

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 for a complimentary consultation to discuss the options and ask for assistance to meet your specific organisational objectives.

“DISC profiling has been an extremely effective tool for me to understand the 'behavior styles' of individuals within my team. Getting the best out of my people is the number one priority to help improve productivity and employee satisfaction. Individual motivation can be a very 'hit and miss' process, but since the introduction of DISC it has become an important tool for me to take my team to the next level. The simplicity and ease of use makes DISC the perfect profiling tool for any business.”
Tim Drew
Group Manager –
Retail Development
“We extend our appreciation for providing such effective and useful Leadership tools, support and workshops for our managers. Your demeanour is inspirational, respectful and your commitment to their development as leaders has been paramount at all times. The profiling of each manager has enabled and supported better understanding of how to relate to each other in different situations. It also assisted the group to discuss the "unspoken" and improved the dynamics and "feel" of the group" all of which has been extremely productive.”
Joy Barrowman
Area Manager
North West Mental Health
“Ricky helped me understand my own personal make up and how this affected how I lead and most importantly the effect that my 'need for speed' was having on the rest of my team, Ricky helped me slow down and bring everyone along with me which helped maintan our culture and improve our profit in a time of rapid growth.”
Joe Rogers
Managing Director-Asia
Elmwood Design