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Do Leaders spend more time thinking about what they need to do rather that what they need to be?

Many leaders wake up each morning already behind in their list of "to do's".

From personal to professional there is always a never ending list of calls, activities, follow ups and actions we worry about, prioritize, delegate and sort according to urgency or timing. Consequently more time is spent in thinking about what needs to be done as a leader rather than thinking about what leaders need to be to their people.

So consider these 5 critical views to change a mindset from leadership tasks to leadership talk:
    1. Find out what your staff are looking for in you, and address it as a priority.
    2. Consider your language and adjust it to meet their concerns and priorities
    3. Put yourself in their shoes for a day and determine what they would need most from their leader so they feel rewarded, and beaver like crazy to make it happen
    4. People want experiences not explanations – so engage them in something that they connect to
    5. Stop worrying about the To Do’s and be clear on the To Don'ts

Real people are real leaders, so be who you need to be, to be the real deal.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 7th April, 2014 |

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