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Are You Heard?

We are assaulted most days with noise – from music in cafes and shops, to mobile phones and other forms of technology . It’s often sharp, loud, invasive and often uninvited. It’s hard to be heard above the cacophony of sound and has even been known to used as a convenient excuse when one does not want to continue a conversation on the mobile… such as “I can’t hear you.. it’s too noisy” and they hang up and we accept it. But that’s another conversation!

What we also need to accept is that it is often hard to listen even when there is no extra noise, simply because people are just not listening.

What has happened to our ability to listen well? It is because we anticipate answers before they finish and interrupt? Is it because we suffer from premature exasperation and can’t wait to move on to something else?

Is it because we give certain signals that interfere with the other person’s flow and energy? Is it because the conversation may not necessarily be interesting to us and therefore we don’t have the patience or interest to bother? Or is it simply because we sometimes undervalue the integrity of those people in our lives whose opinions we may not prescribe to?

Either way, it’s first world impatience, I say.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 6th May, 2013 |

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