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Seeking and Understanding Perspective and Why it Matters

Seek and ye shall find” – a familiar and yet quietly discomforting quote - especially if one finds what one does not seek.

Take perspective for example.

One may seek it out, and as a result may: a) either walk away; b) ignore it as being irrelevant, stupid or not quite on the money; c) not give it another thought ; d) consider it or e) embrace it.

On the other hand one may not seek it and it will be given anyway, and as a result the responses may be the same as above – only more likely to be peppered with resentment or surprise or both…

So why is it important to seek perspective and more to the point, understand it?

Firstly, it is unlikely I will argue with my own perceptions for my belief system creates my perceptions. So if everything came from the way I viewed the world there would be no room for growth and learning.

Seeking perspective increases our field of vision and increases our capacity to change and constantly adapt. That is the world we live and love in. Dynamic, forward moving, requiring constant fine tuning.

Without understanding how critical a path it plays in our communication we are perhaps delusional or misunderstood.

Perspective helps us prove or disprove ideas or concepts by creating conversations that invite curiosity, discomfort and opportunity.

If that is not reason alone to seek and understand perspective then nothing is.

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 8th April, 2013 |

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