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Leadership Seminar Topics

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Provocative and insightful seminars to create inspirational leaders

Seminars are delivered as part presentation by Ricky Nowak, and part facilitation with the group as a whole and in small groups.

Below is a selection of our most requested seminar topics. For a full list of seminars or to discuss seminar topics for your organisation, contact us for more information.

Most requested:

Ricky Nowak leadership seminar: Smart Teams Smart Business
The Leaders Mindset ©
Designed to help people gain clarity in determining their leadership position, profile and potential. Discovering what leadership means, with direction on how to develop the right mindset and mentality to lead.

Areas covered:
  • Lead it, live it or leave it alone.
  • Why passion is the sweet spot between leadership and communication.
  • How to step into a leader’s shoes and make a lasting footprint.
  • Leading with integrity for the long haul or the short sprint.

Ricky Nowak leadership seminar: Courageous Communication
EQ Conversations ©
Courageous Communicators have confidence and competence. This seminar will prepare you to meet the emotional and intellectual challenges of communication and connect positively in a complex business or personal environment.

This presentation will cover:
  • Managing the complexity of communication without compromising yourself or others
  • How to apply strong leadership and communication skills in difficult situations and address issues
  • Working with different personalities and their varying communication styles
  • How to identify your own personal brand of communication and know-how
  • How to draft, design and practice a courageous communication style
  • Managing the unexpected or explosive and how to recover quickly when things go wrong.
  • How to present your case with influence and integrity and to simply untie knots without cutting the ties.

Ricky Nowak leadership seminar: Create an engaged and engaging workplace
EQ Communication ©

EQ is tantamount to success and a key to opening dialogues and doors to communicate in ways that may have otherwise been no go zones.  This insightfully guided program clearly illustrates the benefits that result by being more attuned and aware of behaviours and emotions and effective ways to manage and self manage different situations and people.

The presentation or workshop will cover:
  • 6 Key traits of an emotionally intelligent leader
  • How to augment current communication skills
  • Establishing ground rules around behaviours and actions
  • Building a strong and stable emotionally intelligent team

Ricky Nowak leadership seminar: Persuasive Negotiation
Powerful Presentations & Presence ©

Explore a variety of presentation and communication techniques to find the style most suitable to you. Learn how to complement your key message while entertaining, enlightening and educating your audience, whether in the Board Room, the office or on stage.

This skills based interactive program will help you:
  • Overcome panic and learn to focus on positive outcomes
  • Unlock your creativity and uniqueness
  • Learn how to link themes and stories
  • Make Powerful Points not PowerPoints
  • Prepare, structure and deliver to different audiences
  • Involve your audience

Ricky Nowak leadership seminar: Delivering your message with impact
Preparing for Leadership ©

Designed for promising talent who are preparing themselves to take the next step in their career with sound relationships and commercial results.

Not only covers the nuts and bolts of ‘how to’ be a great leader but addresses what happens in times of ambiguity or change between the customer, client and stakeholder.

Fully interactive and requires participants to fully contribute and respond while making a positive contribution to the business, to their staff and clients.

A customised selection of relevant topics can be made to create a bespoke program to fit you and your business which may also include coaching.

We commit in full to our clients and invest time and resources to ensure all programs are fully supported and integrated into every day practice.

Course Topics:
  • The Leader’s Mindset
  • Harnessing the Talent of Future Leaders
  • Customer Service is no Accident
  • Embracing Diversity in Generations and Gender
  • Communication is Everyone’s Responsibility
  • How to Persuade through High Impact Presentations
  • Innovation and Creativity in Business
  • Three R’s – Resilience, Relationships and Respect