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Ricky’s range of online professional development courses provides high impact learning and skills development. Take them at your own time and pace and be rewarded with outstanding learning results.
Ricky Nowak webinar: Present Like a Pro
Present Like A Pro Webinar

An 45 minute information packed webinar presented by Ricky Nowak and Jon Yeo, giving you access to an enormous vault of immediate ideas and application techniques, including:
  • How to Make your presentation relevant and engaging with your audience
  • Understand what types of talks can you use
  • Get clarity around the framework you want to have to develop and deliver your talk
  • Move away from writing your speech to speaking your message


Webinar - $47
Ricky Nowak online course: High impact leadership
High Impact Leadership

How does an organisation attract and keep great leaders? How do leaders stay motivated, skilled and relevant to the global workforce? Truly successful leaders have a unique leadership brand that stands alone and distinguishes them. When people find this uniqueness they have no competition because they own that particular leadership space. In this course participants learn how to:
  • Identify your unique personal and leadership brand
  • Create an identity of authority around that brand
  • Develop leadership skills relevant to your company
  • Have a robust skill set that is applicable in the global market place
  • Adapt leadership style to fast changing teams
  • Sustain leadership under external pressures


Online Course - $275
Ricky Nowak online course: High impact communications
High Impact Communications

There is no skill that has the capacity of move people faster and further in business than the ability to communicate. It’s that simple, and yet getting it right takes a lot of practice and skill. This course is designed to reduce the trial and error when it comes to communication so you achieve what you want more often, and with better outcomes for every party.

Learning outcomes include:
  • Why preparation is the most important (and underrated) key to communication
  • How to prepare well for a meeting, pitch or encounter
  • Essential skills for adjusting perception and picking up on nuance
  • Communication style that is authentic to who you are
  • Learn how to pick up verbal and non verbal signals so you can adjust your approach
  • A raft of templates and options to learn from and use for positive outcomes


Online Course - $275
Ricky Nowak online course: High impact relationships
High Impact Relationships

Understanding people, how to influence and collaborate, is a skill that separates the good from the great. Dealing with interpersonal issues comes up time and again as the number one challenging issue for managers and leaders. You can set yourself apart from the crowd once you have a solid base of relationship skills. This course equips you with skills including:
  • How to prepare for a difficult encounter or person
  • How to turn those difficulties into positive situations and wins
  • Being aware of your own emotional response and how to manage that
  • Building resilience within yourself and within your relationships
  • Harnessing change and diversity for business growth and success
  • Managing the pressures of fatigue, times of peak demand etc


Online Course - $275
All High Impact Courses are designed for self-paced learning. The high success rate comes from contemporary skills based learning that can be applied immediately. Small wins are visible straight away so participants stay highly motivated. The courses are fun, stimulating and interactive.

You can complete each course individually but greater gains come from the connections between all three. Each course takes a few hours to complete and is best undertaken at the participant’s own pace and time. These cleverly designed professional development courses fit perfectly into a demanding workplace environment, as a time efficient, fast access and highly practical, PD.

“Ricky inspired our very experienced CEOs and Chairmen to apply new ideas and techniques to enchance their meeting results. She is a professional who can be relied uplon to deliver beyond your expectations.”
Barry Westhorpe
Chief Executive
Victoria CEO Institute