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Australian leaders spend many millions of dollars and hours every year developing their own leadership capability and that of their teams, yet as a nation are undecided about what really works. Part of the reason is that more people resist standing up and out than those willing to lead with the positive audacity of courage, commitment and care.

My belief is that many people are looking for quick fixes to leadership issues and largely unwilling to stretch their thinking and behaviour outside the traditional. As such they are largely influenced and guided by what has worked for others in the hope that it too will work for them.

Herein lies the problem.

Leaders who copycat others and fail to create a compelling and lasting impact through their own audacious leadership are simply one of many rather than one of a kind. One could ask if it is a lack of creativity or perhaps lack of confidence - or both.

So the question we need to ask is if we or our people do have the capability to lead with an unwavering sense of purpose or are we likely to weaken due to stress, pressure or change fatigue what would we need to do to be audacious and forward moving again?

The key to this is around mindset where no ambiguity exists in thought or behaviour, and we as well our stakeholders know we are committed to improving the current condition.

This mindset is around total focus and has the resilience to withstand and work through criticism, complacency or external or internal influences.

Leaders are now no longer one dimensional in style and must demonstrate through stronger negotiation, communication and influence techniques that their passion is not hot air, and their intent is purposeful not fanciful. We either get good, or get going.

We are saying we need to stretch our capacity and capability outside the ordinary in business, community and life.  We are saying we need to give voice to our passions, convictions and do it with courage even when we feel our most vulnerable.

We are saying that we constantly evolve, become more nimble, responsive and adaptive. And yes, we are also saying it’s not easy. Perhaps it never was. But one thing for sure, things have changed.

So have we, so have our customers and so have our staff.

Today and tomorrow’s leader will lead best by being audacious. In the positive sense. In a timely sense, and in a way that is uniquely ours.

Audacious Leadership is individual

Posted by Ricky Nowak on 10th September, 2015 |

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