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Leadership presentations that truly connect with the audience

Known as 'The Communication Catalyst' for her ability to get results, Ricky will inspire your leaders to create positive and sustainable change.

All leadership keynotes can also be delivered as Masterclass Workshops 

Below is a selection of our most requested leadership presentation and leadership keynote topics. For a full list of keynote titles or to discuss customising a keynote for your conference, contact us for more information.

All presentations and keynotes can be delivered in Melbourne and throughout Australasia.
Ricky Nowak presentation Leadership: Live it, Love it, or Leave it Alone
2020 Vision – Leading 5 Generations towards an Intergenerational Workplace ©

Did you know within 20 years there will be 5 million people aged 65+ in the Australian Workforce? Source: The Hon. Susan Ryan AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner 2014

Also by 2020 it will be the first time in history that 5 generations will be working in the same workplaces.

Therefore it is critical for workplaces to be change ready and change prepared for this intergenerational management issue which will impact on all businesses and their bottom line.

The objective of this interactive presentation is to:
  • Help leaders address the commercial and professional impact this trend will have globally. 
  • Explore what leading edge companies are currently doing and what their plans are to embrace all generations.
  • Encourage greater workplace flexibility and diversity.
This 2020 Vision practical presentation will enable participants to work on a change ready matrix to share and develop with their teams. This process will lead the way for a more successful intergenerational management culture within the workplace.
Ricky Nowak presentation: Leading in Volatile Times
Audacious Leadership – How to Lead with Commitment, Courage and Care ©

Australian leaders spend millions of dollars and hours every year developing their own capability and that of their teams, yet as a nation are undecided about what really works. Part of the reason is that more people resist standing up and out than those willing to lead with the positive audacity of conviction, courage and care.

It is critical for leaders to create their own enduring leadership style, position and purpose – one that will ensure there is no ambiguity about their behaviour, actions or communication.

Participants of this interactive presentation will:
  • Be challenged to rethink their definition and understanding of ‘Audacious’ and convert it from a business negative into a business imperative.
  • Go from a well-meaning manager to a proactive visionary and implementer.
  • Receive a step by step guide for those who wish to live their legacy and enjoy the rewards it brings themselves, their people and organisations.
This Audacious Leadership practical presentation will enable participants to work on developing their own leadership style, position and purpose.
Ricky Nowak presentation:How to make good people great leaders and reap the rewards
Authentic Leadership – Your Choice and Chance to Make a Difference ©

Whatever your style, authentic leadership begins and ends with being true to what makes us the best we can be - to ourselves, to others and to the organisations we lead.

This bright, bold, interactive and important presentation provides leaders with an opportunity to get real, and stay real, and for managers to decide if leadership really is for them.

This presentation covers:
  • Do you lead, love your work or should you leave it for those who can and want to
  • Why passion is the sweet spot between leadership and communication
  • How to make a lasting footprint as a leader in 5 critical steps
  • Leading with integrity for the long haul or the short sprint – what’s your choice

Ricky Nowak presentation: From Vision to Values
How to Make Good People Great Leaders and Reap the Rewards ©
If you're serious about staying competitive in a fast changing business environment you need to transform your good people into decisive and inspirational leaders who have the vision to drive your business forward into a profitable future.

This presentation covers:
  • Three ways to become more resilient in business
  • Helping people learn to cope with change
  • Encouraging and respecting innovation and creativity
  • Characteristics of great communication skills
  • How to mentor your team to bring out their talents
  • Building staff engagement and commitment

Ricky Nowak presentation: Making your mark as a leader
Making your Mark as a Leader ©

Successful leaders bring a mix of many skills and strategies that provide the right foundation and environment for success. Good leaders also know that it is because of the different levels of intensity of pace and flow that leaders manage that ensures continuity and success.

This presentation covers:
  • Characteristics and traits that define the best of contemporary leadership
  • 7 fears that hinder most people in addressing the issues that are important for them
  • How real leaders embrace the best ideas regardless of their origin
  • FOUR elements of leadership that are fundamental to success
  • Demonstrating your point of difference as a Leader
  • The Sweet Spot in Leadership

Ricky Nowak presentation: The Integrity Factor
The Integrity Factor ©

Far from being an old-fashioned notion, honourable business and honourable business leaders are more sought-after than ever. Reputation rules in business and in leadership. Most of us don't expect perfection, but we do expect transparency and integrity.

This presentation covers:
  • The importance of values and ethics in today's economy
  • How to build and maintain, trust
  • The role of the leader in leading by example
  • Why reputation branding is an essential tool for today’s leader

“Ricky inspired our very experienced CEO's and Chairmen to apply new ideas and techniques to enhance their meeting results. She is a professional who can be relied upon to deliver beyond your expectations.”
Barry Westhorpe
Chief Executive - Victoria
CEO Institute
“Brilliantly executed presentation.”
“Feedback from our members was excellent, with comments on the presentation including 'best session ever' and 'powerfully demonstrated the message'.”
Kylee McGrath
Convenor - Leaders in Charted Accounting
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
“We've  just run the Business Improvement in Mining event which is attended by business improvement attendees from across Australia. At the moment their key focus is leading cross functional teams and because of that we came across Ricky Nowak who as a leadership expert delivered a presentation on Leading in Volatile Times. I think that the success of the presentation is really demonstrated by fact that not only did people have lots of follow on questions that really suggests to me that it was really worthwhile but also there was a queue of people looking to set up follow ups with Ricky.”
Ross Clayton
Event Director Business Improvement in Mining
“Ricky Nowak is a highly engaging speaker whose message of the importance of leadership coaching resonates with HR managers. Her energetic presentation inspired our audience to be catalysts for HR transformation within their organisations.”
Stephanie Campanale
Conference and Events Department
Key Media Pty Ltd
“Thanks for a great seminar this morning - very thought provoking and entertaining!”
Julian Barry
Regional General Manager
QANTAS Northern Territory
“I found your presentation to be absolutely wonderful -  it made me think about issues and above all it was very entertaining.”
Brian Kelleher
Ward Keller Lawyers - Northern Territory
“Your presentation manner is impeccable and clear and has been commended my by many of our guests. You are professional, friendly and a delight to work with!”
Kim McGuinness
Managing Director
Network Central
“Wonderful presentation. Very engaging, informative and helpful.”
CEO Syndicate Program Participant
The CEO Institute
“The value you add is second to none in the market place.”
John Karagounis
Managing Director
The CEO Circle Pty Ltd
“THANK YOU for such an enjoyable seminar.  Your warm and entertaining style, coupled with great practical advice and suggestions, left me feeling energised and motivated to take what I had learnt back to my workplace.”
Jo Hardwick
Human Resources Director
Foot Locker Asia Pacific