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Presentation Skills

The ability to connect and communicate clearly and succinctly is one of the most critical skills a leader must have in order to stimulate growth of a business, motivate staff and influence stakeholders to action. In short, if a leader can present the message well, people listen and act!

All information needs to be relevant and meaningful for the listener and delivered in a manner that is congruent with the message, audience and their expectations – otherwise people will not only look at their watches but start shaking them!

The benefits of this program is two fold – not only will the speaker become confident and competent in delivering clear messages but the audience will be more empowered to act and deliver upon the guidance and messages delivered.

The content will cover:
  • 5 non negotiable rules to get right before you start
  • How to build stronger relationships and connections before you present
  • Techniques to genuinely influence and persuade
  • Making hard easy by being authentic and natural
  • Bringing people along with you now and in the future