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Conference Presentations

Ricky Nowak is a theatrical presenter and master of bringing energy to the corporate stage who brings creativity to an analytical world and make it work!

If you are looking for an inspirational conference presenter  who can create a unique experience and connection for audiences so they can shift their energy, enhance their  performance and step up to the next level, Ricky‚Äôs has the unique ability will do just that! She will connect and easily communicate her creative ideas to bring results to individuals, teams and organisations from the meeting room to the board room.

All Keynotes are researched and customised and support your conference agenda so they guarantee a great return on investment as Ricky immerses herself in the key issues identified by the client.  Your conference materials arrive on time, look fabulous and are rewarding takeaways and can be supported with a number of books, ebooks, handouts and YouTube videos to follow.