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Helping successful and aspiring leaders achieve positive change in leadership behaviour and business results

Training & Development

Important skills development training and opportunities are customised to help participants learn, develop and implement new skills while also consolidating existing ones so they can meet ongoing demands and expectations in the new world of business

Our workshops and training are generally 2 – 3 hours in length and often require multiple sessions over time delivered as participants become more competent with the new knowledge and application.

We also provide Half and Full Day Training on a variety of topics under the Leadership category, so while the umbrella is wide the focus is on how to make good people great leaders.

Workshops and training include extensive pre and post assessment, research and customisation, resources, manuals and handouts, interactive delivery. Optional inclusions are Learning Agreements, Psychometric Profiling - Personality and Motivation, 360 Degree Feedback and Team Engagement Audits.