As your Conference Emcee Ricky Nowak will ensure all elements of your event are tied together, themes are linked and people are connected.

Ricky Nowak Emcee

The Master of Ceremonies, or Emcee plays a critical role in making events come alive and ensures the events runs smoothly. Ricky is an expert at doing this by bringing her natural energetic style and humour to any Conference. Not only does she make sure that nothing misses a beat she is great at keeping things on track, on time and on a high so your delegates leave motivated, inspired and more educated than they were!

She is as well prepared and well versed in her client’s needs and weaves her magic around themes, stories and examples so main messages remain the main messages and ideas are kept alive and active. She is a master at leading delegates throughout their conference journey, reinforces messages and adds to the experience that will be remembered long after the lights have gone off!

She is the perfect female MC to take your next conference to a new level so delegates will benefit from everything the conference has to offer!

As your emcee or moderator, Ricky’s signature high energy style compliments her wealth of knowledge and experience invigorating audiences act, think and feel differently! She blends humour with intelligence and respect for cultures, people and diversity ensuring everyone can thrive and enjoy the experience.

Ricky is known for personalising each speakers introductions, interviewing sponsors and delegates, and keeping in touch with sensitive issues both on and off the platform.

She is easy to work with, immerses herself in your business, and actively promotes your conference and people to her network!

She has hosted many conferences, roadshows, boardroom lunches association and award events, award events in the Asia Pacific region.

Ricky came highly recommended to Emcee our two day event and did an amazing job. She really pulled the group together, created a lot of energy, stimulated thought processes for all candidates and made the event a huge success.

Australian Association of Exit Planners