Ricky Nowak actively promotes your conference and endorses it to her wide network through social media and directly to other key contacts. She helps do the marketing for and with you!

Working With Ricky Nowak

Ricky is more than a regular Speaker or Emcee! She makes sure she knows what is going on in all areas of your event so she weaves themes and messages throughout the conference or event.

By immersing herself and understanding each client’s needs and investment she makes sure that delegates get the best possible outcomes from the conference or meeting in every way.

She is quick thinking and acts fast if there are any unexpected surprises that could derail the momentum of a conference. She knows how important it is to keep things on track and on time so audiences have an uninterrupted learning experience that demonstrates a professional and exceptional outcome.

Her materials and resources always arrive on time and look brilliant, she connects with other speakers before the event to ensure no material is duplicated, and when audiences arrive at the event she is first on the scene to welcome them with great energy!

She loves to actively promote client’s conferences and endorse them to her wide network via social media and word of mouth.

Ricky can also:

  • coach other speakers and sponsors who may have great industry knowledge and are not great speakers… yet! Find out more
  • send out introductory videos prior to her presentations so delegates know they are in for something different.
  • conduct pre-conference surveys to learn what audiences really want
  • conduct post conference follow ups to help determine implementation of new ideas
  • provide additional downloadable online resources
  • send articles and blog posts

I have never met an EMCEE like Ricky who not only hosts and event but was truly engaging and into all the topics we were discussing this is what I call true passion at work

Annie Chong | Director IT Strategy and Executive Ops
MSD Singapore