Looking for a conference facilitator to provide interactive, customised and engaging leadership seminar topics?

Ricky Nowak Breakout Seminars

Needing a meeting facilitator to help your teams and business thrive in the new digital age who will provide great communication and leadership techniques that will give them the cut through they require?

Want your leadership seminars or group facilitation skills training to affect real, positive and sustainable change, stimulate healthy organisational growth and create inspirational leaders?

Under the strong facilitation of Ricky Nowak CSP, her leadership seminars provide high impact leadership development skills that guarantee exceptional results. With a strong focus on problem solving, decision making, communication skills, resilient relationships and exemplary public speaking skills she ensures all participants are well equipped to transform and rejuvenate themselves and their business!

All leadership seminar topics are interactive, customised, engaging and are supported with relevant resources and materials before, during and after the presentations.

Sessions are 2 hour, half day or full day and can be delivered to small or large groups.

Our skills training is fully tailored to suit all audience levels such as senior leaders, middle manager, future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Submit your enquiry regarding our leadership seminar topics or areas of skills training via our contact us page or call 0419 839 994 to discuss your event directly with Ricky NOW

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Our keynotes can also be delivered as Breakout and Seminars

Feedback from our members was excellent, with comments on the presentation including 'best session ever' and 'powerfully demonstrated the message'.

Kylee McGrath | Convenor - Leaders in Chartered Accounting | The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia