Let Ricky Nowak moderate your next panel and ensure your conference or event is the highlight of the day!

Ricky Nowak Panel Moderator

Ricky is a dynamic facilitator who creates opportunities for audiences to engage with the panellists, each other and walk away with a wonderful learning experience.

She is well researched and informed so every Panel Presentation is relevant to audiences and panel alike.

She works hard to ensure panellists are well prepared and can share their knowledge and insights easily with each other and the audience.

Not stopping at being the moderator, Ricky is a master at coaching others in being great moderators too! Find out more

If you are looking to make your next Panel Presentation the highlight of your conference or event, let Ricky moderate it for you and relax knowing you are in professional hands all the way.

The team has let me know that you took command of the panel discussion and it resonated extremely well with our audience. As a result of your leadership performance, we would love to invite you back to moderate our Senior HR Forum 2019!

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